Energy Access, Sustainably

Sol Partners is committed to providing reliable and clean energy access in rural areas that are not covered by the national electricity grid, improving energy access and delivering impact to community livelihoods and local businesses

At Sol Partners, we’re committed to improving access to energy for low-income communities in South-East Asia, and our work in Myanmar is a key part of that effort. In Myanmar, our focus is on providing access to affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy sources, such as solar-powered microgrids and today we supply electricity to over 10,000 households. By empowering communities with clean energy, we’re not only improving their quality of life but also enabling economic development and environmental sustainability. We’re proud of our work in Myanmar and remain committed to expanding access to clean energy throughout South-East Asia. Contact us to learn more about our work in this sector and how we’re making a difference for these communities.

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Achieving universal energy access by 2030 will require a mix of commercial investment and community programs tailored to those who cannot access or afford energy solutions without support.

That’s why, in collaboration with communities and a diverse range of partner organizations, our Social Investment teams develop marketbased programs that provide access to clean and affordable energy for some of the world’s most remote and vulnerable people. Approximately 789 million people still lack access to electricity and about 3 billion people rely on wood, charcoal, crop waste and coal for cooking and heating based. Access to clean, affordable and reliable energy is vital for social and economic development and to power sustainable growth. It is needed to improve livelihood in developing countries, ensuring access to clean water, cooking and health care. Sustainable energy also powers agriculture, commerce and industry, thus creating prosperity, jobs and opportunities. Likewise, addresses environmental degradation and tackles climate change
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Providing Electricity to 8000 people + businesses and schools using renewables

Enabling Access to Energy and Finance

Our microgrid solutions are designed with the latest technologies, including smart energy meters and payment systems that can be accessed through an online app. These smart meters enable consumers to conveniently monitor their energy usage and make informed decisions about their energy consumption, while our online payment systems make it easy for them to pay for their energy usage online. By leveraging technology, we're making it easier for communities to access clean energy and manage their energy usage in a more efficient and sustainable way. Contact us to learn more about our microgrid solutions and how we're using technology to make a difference in these communities.

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Our projects help improve communities’ lives

Village Health Centers Use Refrigerators to Store Medical Supplies

Electricity for Meetings Households Needs

Children Have Longer Hours for Study and More Computer Lesson

Farmers Process Fruits and Vegetables and press sunflower seeds into oil

Barbers Butchers and Restaurant Operations Extend Business Hours