Access to Energy for rural communities and businesses
Sol Partners is providing reliable and clean energy access across South East Asia and delivering positive impact to community livelihoods and local businesses
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People with Access to Energy
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Feasibility Studies with Rural Communities
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Solar + Storage Mini-Grids ranging from 50 kWp to 1 MWp with 1.5 MWh of battery storage
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Solar PV Projects in SE Asia
In-house Design Teams
We are committed to improving access to reliable and clean energy sources across South-East Asia. Our focus on providing sustainable energy solutions is not only benefiting the environment but also making a positive impact on local communities and businesses. By providing access to affordable and reliable energy sources, we're enabling economic growth and improving the quality of life for people in the region. Our solutions are tailored to the specific needs of the communities we serve, ensuring that we're delivering the greatest possible positive impact. Contact us to learn more about how we are making a difference in South-East Asia and how we can help your business or community gain access to clean energy.

Sol Partners has pioneered mini-grids in South-East Asia to provide Access to Energy to 50,000+ people across Myanmar.

Sol Partners
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Our business is focused on developing solutions that enable clean energy transition for Corporates and Residential households as well as empowering low-income communities in South-East Asia

Energy Storage Systems have revolutionized the future of energy making it possible to reap the benefits of clean energy sources 24/7.
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Residential Solar Sol Partners is leading the way in bringing clean, reliable solar energy to homes across South-East Asia. With 10,000 homes already powered by
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We support mangrove conservation efforts to protect the valuable ecosystems that provide a wide range of benefits to both humans and wildlife.
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Through our programs, we continue to develop solutions to promote Access to Energy in low-income markets. We have pioneered solar mini-grids in Myanmar and have
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We work with corporates and organizations to help them develop their net zero roadmaps.
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Start saving money and reduce your CO2 emissions by putting solar on your rooftop. We can help you assess your solar energy rooftop potential and
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At Sol Partners, we're dedicated to driving the energy transition in South-East Asia.
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Energy Storage

Energy Storage Systems are revolutionizing renewable energy adoption making solar power available 24/7. We have done extensive modeling for design of such systems and work with partners who are experts in this field. We’ve deployed multiple ESS ranging from 20kWh of storage to 1400kWh in South East Asia.

We provide complete design, deployment and maintenance of these systems which come equipped with their own EMS (Energy Management System) and BMS (Battery Management System) and can be controlled remotely to provide electricity based on the client’s requirement. Using the latest Lithium-Ion batteries with over 6000 cycles, these systems can provide storage of electricity day in and day out for over 15 years delivering savings in diesel and reliability of operations.

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We work across SE Asia on developing solutions around Energy Access
and Promoting the transition to Net Zero for Organizations

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